What’s a better way to welcome warmer weather than by getting out and gardening? Gardening is a great way to spend quality time with the great outdoors as well as beautifying your aging loved one’s home. Planting flower or vegetable seeds is a quick and easy way to get your aging loved ones involved and provide them with a sense of accomplishment. This time of year the Minnesota weather can have a mind of its own. If your yard is still covered in more white than green, bring the garden inside! Plant seeds in pots and place near a window. When the weather gets warmer you can transplant your sprouts from pot to garden. If you do not have a garden, many varieties of flowers and herbs do well indoors long term. Help your client decorate the pots for an added activity! The following are some tips to keep your client and their gardens in great shape:

  • Make a comfortable setting. Gardening isn’t always easy on your back, so make sure you create a comfortable setting for you and your aging loved one. If you are unable to kneel on the ground, try potted plants instead.
  • Encourage your aging loved ones. Flowers and vegetables don’t grow over night, so be sure to keep the excitement alive with your new-found garden. Keep seniors engaged by having them visit the garden daily.
  • Enjoy! Once the garden is in full bloom, help your aging loved ones enjoy the flowers and vegetables by sharing with their friends and loved ones. Help your client send photos to those who may be further away. You can also tie in related outings to keep your client active! There are many local greenhouses and gardens open to the public. In Minneapolis, Lyndale Park and Lake Harriet each host annual rose gardens opening in early summer. Bring along a camera to document ideas for your own garden.

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