Summer is quickly coming to an end and kids are getting ready to head back to school. Remember when that was you? This year, we think you should go back to school, and take your aging loved one with you! Of course we don’t mean you have to hit the books and earn a degree (unless you want to!). Instead we mean you should learn something new every day, and help your aging loved one do the same. 

Read a book – Reading is one of the best ways to learn something new. Take 30 minutes out of each day to sit down with your aging loved one and read. Afterwards discuss what you read, and share your thoughts.

Watch the news – The news can be depressing from time to time, but it’s still a key way to keep up with current events. You can also catch up on the news by reading local newspapers.

Just talk – You never know what you are going to learn just by talking to someone else. Start a conversation with your aging loved one, and remember to ask a lot of questions. You may learn more than you think!

If reading is something you and your loved one enjoy, why not join a book club? Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and learn new things! There are plenty of book clubs located throughout the Twin Cities area. Twin Cities Live, a popular local news program, conducts a book club which meets in Lakeville. If you are interested in attending one of their meetings visit for the next book and meeting date.

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