Heart Healthy Recipes and Senior Care at Home

We are into the second month of the New Year and perhaps some resolutions have slipped by the wayside.  Just because this may have happened does not mean that we should give up entirely on our goals of eating healthier and taking care of our bodies.  There are many heart healthy recipes that make it easy to feed our bodies in a healthy and delicious way while also protecting our hearts.

There are quite a few superfoods that are good for your heart.  These foods are low in saturated fats and contain no trans fats.  A heart healthy food is low in salt and high in fiber.  Basically, if it comes from the earth like a vegetable or fruit, it will be good for you.  Lean cuts of meat are also good for you because it will be lower in fats and are great sources of protein.

Now that we know that we should keep our foods lean and less processed, there are many ways to prepare a fresh meal that is heart healthy.  A heart healthy recipe includes broiled salmon with a sweet and savory low salt glaze.  Serve this with a microwaved potato and steamed green vegetables and you have a satisfying and tasty meal.

High fiber foods such as whole wheat pasta is an easy way to prepare a heart healthy recipe that is also delicious.  The good thing about whole wheat pasta is it doesn’t have an unusual taste.  There are also many spaghetti sauce companies that advertise on their jar that their product is heart healthy.  Tomatoes are fantastic superfoods that have wonderful benefits for heart health.  Serve with a salad and this easy meal can be prepared in less than thirty minutes.  Another great thing about pasta is that it can be refrigerated and saved for lunch the next day!

If you are looking for something different to eat on a weeknight, try cooking up a lean cut of tenderloin.  This type of meat is easy to prepare and takes little preparation.  Serve with some whole grain rice and steamed vegetables and you have a delicious and heart healthy dinner in minutes!

Chicken is always an easy go-to form of protein that can be grilled or baked with any sauce or spice.  Chicken is a low cholesterol and meets heart healthy recipe guidelines of low saturated fat and usually no trans fats.  Serve chicken with high fiber foods like chickpeas and grilled veggies and you have a heart healthy recipe that also tastes delicious!

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