Attention How to Increase Your Focus and In Home Care for Seniors

Our everyday list of to-do’s tend to get longer and longer these days.  Sometimes it can feel a little chaotic and that we will never catch up.  While it’s easy to lose focus and to feel a little flustered; there are several ways to increase your attention.

The first way to increase focus is to write things down.  Jot down random thoughts and little tidbits of information that you are afraid you might forget.   Creating a to-do list will allow your mind to temporarily forget so you can focus on a top priority task.  If pad and paper aren’t readily available, there are also smartphone apps made specifically for recording notes.  Some apps also link to an online cloud so notes are accessible no matter where you are. 

It may seem like a daily dose of caffeine will do wonders for concentration and focus, and a large amount of coffee could compensate for a lack of sleep.  While a little caffeine does have benefits; a stroll around the block will do much more for improving attention.  Physical activity has been proven to sharpen focus and release chemicals that effect memory.  When you’re feeling groggy, take a walk, and skip the latte.

Another way to keep focused is to continually exercise your mind.  Work on crossword puzzles, read a book, and play games on a smartphone app.  Try out a new class at your community college.  Keep your brain active and push to learn something new.  

When you are tired, it is difficult to focus on much more than when the opportunity will arrive for a nap.  This is why making sure that you are well rested everyday will help to increase focus.  Sleep is useful for consolidating memories.  If you’re not getting enough rest, your brain doesn’t have enough time to regroup.  Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep on a regular basis.  This amount of sleep is very important for brain health and will increase focus.

A very important way to increase focus is to take the time to socialize.  The social interaction will help to ward off depression and this will reduce the risk of memory loss.  A great way to improve focus and attention is to carve out time in the day for joy.  Whether you are planning to meet up with a friend, or have a movie date on your couch, the anticipation of something you enjoy will help you to push through and retain focus on the task at hand.

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