Colder weather is much closer than “just around the corner!” I awoke this weekend at my normal 5:00 AM (with the encouragement of my faithful canine companion!) to take a walk. I was greeted with frost on the glass of the door to my home and slick icy spots on my driveway hidden among the leaves and twigs that had fallen overnight.

I know where the icy spots are most likely to be in my driveway having found one a few years ago and breaking my arm. I knew where to step and where not to. That is not always the case and there were many new spots along the morning walking route. My point is, please be careful. Temperatures are dropping 20+ degrees in the evenings, at times below freezing.

Falling leaves and twigs have fallen (a potential hazard) covering the slick spots.

Local hardware stores, Home Depot, Lowes and others have their ice melt available. I encourage you to stock up as it could be a cold winter. I know I would rather have left over ice melt at the end of the winter rather than a new cast on my arm again!

Be safe and prepared.

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