Have you ever found yourself in a frenzy trying to locate a critical document or piece of information? The frustration, angst and “discombobulation” only increases when it is an emergency. For many of us, this often happens when trying to deal with a medical or care need of a spouse, a sibling, or a parent.

My parents live approximately 600 miles away. They are in generally good health, live independently in their home of almost 20 years. None of my siblings live near them but we are all accessible by plane or car. We are very lucky! This said, we worry about them – not so much for the day-­?to-­?day but when something happens. Every so often, I start one of the “So have you thought about …” or “Have you…” conversations with my parents. They usually go well but sometimes they do not. There is no magic recipe for these things but there are some areas that we can easily agree on as it relates to being informed and prepared.

To help, I compiled a checklist of ‘Critical Things” that are important to have at our collective fingertips for just in case situations.  I hope you find the list helpful.

I have also included the checklist templates from the AARP “Prepare to Care” information (http://assets.aarp.org/www.aarp.org_/articles/foundation/aa66r2_care.pdf

Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

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