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Technology Must Be a Friend of Home Care, Not the Enemy

The Impact of Technology in Senior Living: A New Study

Plans, Preparation, and a Guy About to Get on a Plane

A guy is standing in line to get on a plane. His phone rings, it’s his mom…. No, this is not a silly Facebook joke. I’m the guy and it’s a true story. …”Mark, I need help, your dad fell”.

Stability in the Face of Uncertainty

When our stability is at risk, we all are fearful. For seniors, this can be particularly unsettling. Emotions run the gamut from: Who is to blame? When will stability be regained? Why did it happen? Is it my fault? What can I do to prevent it from happening again? I can’t go on, should I give up?

When the Hardest Advice to Give is Your Own

I give advice for a living to seniors and families reconciling their check list for aging in place. But when it came time to have the same “conversation” with my parents, it was a completely different story…

The Impact of Getting it Wrong. The Cost of Getting it Right.

Recently, The Boston Globe published two unnerving articles about home care gone very wrong. As owner of Senior Helpers Boston and South Shore I responded to Stranger in the House and its sister article The U.S. has Huge Need for Home Health Care. I described the “state of the state” of the home care industry in Massachusetts; a considerably complex business, with lots of moving parts, as one that lacks basic regulation and industry standards. This makes it attractive and easy to get into as a business without understanding the innate seriousness of it.

When The Burden of Caregiving Becomes A Risky Proposition

We hear it every time we get on an airplane, “in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, an air mask will be automatically released. Be sure to secure your own mask before helping others”. Why? Because it makes perfect sense to be in a good place ourselves before we take on the burden of caring for someone else, even if that person is right next to us.

Frustration and Sadness

As an owner of a private duty home care agency that deliver client-centric, nurse-led and managed care to hundreds to seniors in communities within the Globe reach, I was torn between great sadness, outrage and considerable frustration by the September 15 article written by Linda Matchan that appeared in the Boston Globe.

Calculating Our Independence

Safety Risks at Home: What's Your Score?

Making Sense of the New World Order: Discharge & Recovery


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