Walking is a great way to exercise.  A recent article in the Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation suggests that a walking routine may be as effective in alleviating lower back pain as more specialized programs offered by some rehabilitation clinics.  And who hasn’t had lower back pain at some point in their life?

The researchers found that a group of subjects who walked regularly for 20 to 40 minutes twice to three times a week experienced as much relief from lower back pain as a matched group who underwent muscle strengthening programs in rehab clinics.  On measures of pain levels, feelings of disability, avoidance of daily activities and muscle and walking endurance both groups reported improvements.

Probably because the “walkers” tended to take greater personal responsibility for their health than the rehab group they also tended to follow a healthier lifestyle overall.  Such findings have been found in other research showing that regularly active people are less likely to suffer typical aches and pains over their lifetime.  Walking is known to help lower blood pressure, boost brain and immune system functioning and reduce stress.

And speaking of walking, marching is a fun way of walking with others.  So guess what's coming up: St. Patrick's Day with its annual parade in San Francisco, to be held on Saturday, March 16th starting at 11:30 am at Market and 2nd Streets.  Of course you don't have to be Irish to join in the festivities.   St. Paddy's Day is also the fifth anniversary of Senior Helpers--yes your Senior Helpers--which among other things has helped hundreds of seniors maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle.  Take advantage of the Senior Helper family of caregivers.  Call your local office today (510 524-6700) and connect with caregivers who would love to walk with you.

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