Susan Grant
President and Co-Founder

In the course of researching in-home service for her husband Bruce’s 90 year old mother in Maine, Susan realized that many families need help in order to enable their loved ones to age in place. She and Bruce decided to provide service to the rapidly aging segment of the population. She is proud of the reputation of this office for good service, and of the number of families whose cares have been relieved.
Prior to this, Susan was the principal of an executive search firm based in San Francisco. She began her career in executive search in 1987 when she joined a large firm, and in 1989 she established her own practice. Prior to entering the search world, Susan was an account manager for a high-tech start-up in Silicon Valley and assisted with earth science research projects at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. In addition, early in her career, she taught high school math and chemistry classes in San Francisco. For over 20 years, Susan has been an active member and leader in the San Francisco chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.


Bruce Ingraham
Vice President and Co-Founder

Bruce’s mother was the inspiration for starting this office. A very independent woman, she wanted to stay in her own home as long as she could. Realizing that there could be in-home help for her if she should need it, Bruce could see that other families would have the same needs that his did.
Bruce has a master degree in mathematics from UC Berkeley and a doctor of education degree from Saint Mary’s College of California. He worked for over 20 years as a marketing science consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Senior Helpers, Bruce has worked in community relations and fall prevention. His current focus is on strategy, finance, and marketing.


Senior Helpers has taken a bold step by telling the world that age does not erase hopes and dreams. And by implementing the Virtual Dementia Tour companywide, Senior Helpers has further demonstrated its commitment to those it serves. Senior Helpers is proud to support Second Wind Dreams® on this mission by encouraging donations, raising awareness, and sensitizing the world to dementia as a corporate partner.

What is the Virtual Dementia Tour?

Learning to create a positive environment for those with dementia can only come from attempting to walk in their shoes. Created by P.K. Beville, a specialist in geriatrics, this valuable, easy to follow experiential tour is designed to instill hope in professional and family caregivers, providing them with a tool to move from sympathy to empathy and better understand the behaviors and needs of their loved ones and patients.

Interested in learning how you can bring the Virtual Dementia Tour to you?

Contact us today to help us and you learn more about changing the perspective on aging!

"Until There’s a Cure, Take The Tour!"


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