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Dear Kelli,

Thank you and your staff so much for the excellent daily care you have provided for more than a year for Pat S.  Way back when we started, I was impressed and grateful for your personal involvement to get to know Pat’s needs and her personality.  This resulted in a great match of the 5 care providers who saw Pat each week.  These staff brought their unique individuality, interests and strengths yet all are thoughtful, genuinely interested and caring.  I don’t think Pat could enjoy or appreciate them more.  They are quite an exceptional group. 

I also appreciate how very reliable and timely you and the Senior Helpers office staff are whenever I have a question or request.  

Pat’s recent move to Assisted Living was another example of the quality of Senior Helpers services.  You initiated meeting with management and care staff so the transition would be smooth and would work well for everyone.  With the move, Pat’s most difficult issue was to figure out how to go from 7 Senior Helpers a week to 3 days. What a wonderful statement. 

Thank you all very much for continued great service,       

Pat F, Portland, OR

Hi Kelli,

Yes, Gerald was very happy with the people who came to care for him. He appreciated not being alone, and especially appreciated the rides so he could get out and not feel so housebound. As far as I know, everything went well. And Gerald is someone who would tell me if he was not happy!  :)

I had a wonderful, relaxing trip in Northern Spain, and came back really refreshed. It's good to see that Gerald has continued to improve while I'm gone. He's now walking without a cane.

Thanks so much for this helpful service. I would use Senior Helpers again, as the need arises. And I would recommend your services to anyone.

Mary, Beaverton, OR

As always, thank you so much for your prompt response and professionalism, it is nice to deal with an agency that is so dependable.  :)

Rae, Portland, OR

Thanks to each one of you for helping us with almost everything during the last 4 or 5 years. We have both gratitude and affection for all of you.

Linda & Al, Portland, OR

Dear Kelli,

You are so awesome! Thank you for all the timely, great help and support. I pray God bless you many times over for all your kindness and dedication to those in need. We really appreciate you!


Julie, Portland, OR

I want to tell you what a great job Christine is doing. She is providing important and effective help for both Joyce and me. Because of Christine’s thorough attention to Joyce’s physical therapy regimen, Joyce is completing her exercises every visit day, with occasional allowances for Joyce’s stamina and hip pain – but these both seem to be improving because of Christine’s diligence. She also reduces my home workload by helping with or doing kitchen, laundry and bedroom tasks. We are both so glad that we chose Senior Helpers for our in-home health care and that you provided us with such an excellent home health caregiver. Even our dog Scout looks forward to her visits.

Warren, Beaverton, OR

To the Senior Helper Team!

Thank you so much for bringing Teepa Snow to our area last week, and making it available to all of us! The location was wonderful, and the parking great. You added a lot of value to all of us who are involved in the care of seniors, and specifically with those who have Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Warm Regards,

Jean, Beaverton, OR

Thank you for all of your support. I will keep your company in mind if your assistance is needed.

Lucy, Portland, OR

Just a brief note to thank you, Ms. Bradley, and Senior Helpers for the service you provided me during our stay in Portland. Terry and Riley were caring, conscientious and enjoyable to be with on a daily basis. We will definitely contact you when we return next summer.

Best wishes,

Joe, Lake Oswego, OR

 Initially my mother was very resistant to receiving any help from other than family members but when I asked her recently about the care Senior Helpers is providing she stated that she is very pleased with them. My siblings and I believe more frequent in-home care will be required in the future and we won’t hesitate to have your company provide that care.

Thank you for your assistance.

Al, Portland, OR

Thanks so much to you, Kelli. I don’t know what we would have done without Senior Helpers. You were such a God-send for us when we took Pat home and during the whole six months. You made Pat’s last month’s so happy! Thanks for being such a great support for me and Pat!

Barbara, Wilsonville, OR

It’s always such a pleasure to talk to you guys. You have such a positive staff and are so adaptable.

Cliff, Portland, OR


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