What Are the Benefits of Seniors Owning Pets in Tucson?
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Serving Tucson and surrounding areas.
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What Are the Benefits of Seniors Owning Pets in Tucson?

What Are the Benefits of Seniors Owning Pets in Tucson?

What Are the Benefits of Seniors Owning Pets in Tucson?

There are approximately 12 million seniors aged 65 and up living alone in the United States. Living alone can become very lonely for a senior, and loneliness can cause more than just a disruption to a person's social life. Loneliness can also cause anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, and even depression. Many seniors coping with loneliness can find comfort and companionship in having a pet.

However, as an individual continues aging, pet ownership can become more challenging due to financial constraints, mobility limitations, and the ability to physically take care of a pet's needs. The good news is that many caregivers are willing and able to help you care for your pet's daily needs so that you can enjoy their companionship for years to come.

Here are some benefits of pets for seniors in the Tucson area:

Pets Help Seniors Get More Exercise

Having a pet to take on walks is a great way to ensure you get regular exercise. Exercise routines are often tempting to skip, but knowing that your pet's well-being depends on getting outside each day can help hold you accountable. Having a walking buddy can keep seniors moving. Alternatively, if a senior is unable to go on walks, caregivers can help seniors by exercising their pets while they provide at-home care.

Pets Help Seniors Control Stress

Pets can help seniors handle the daily stress of life, whether it's coping with loneliness, making big medical decisions, or other stress that comes with the process of aging in place. They provide a calming presence and loving support for their owners. Seniors who have pets report being less stressed than their pet-less counterparts. Pets often give those coping with loneliness or depression a reason to get up each morning. Knowing that your pet relies on you for care can give life a renewed sense of purpose and meaning for people at any stage of life, but particularly for the elderly.

Pets Can Help You Meet New Friends

Many people love to go to get togethers with other pet-owners and do fun activities with their pets. A shared love for animals can be a great way to help seniors meet new friends of all ages who share their passion for pets. It can help them connect socially with others they might otherwise never meet. You also build relationships by bringing your pet to the groomer, the vet, training classes, pet store visits, and other places that you need to go to care for your pet.

Investing In Another Life

As you age, investing in another life gives you a renewed sense of purpose. Caring for a pet is part of your daily life, but you are your pet's entire life. They depend on you for everything. Knowing that you provide for that pet's physical and emotional well-being is a powerful feeling. It can help you take better care of yourself so that in turn you can take better care of the animal that you love so much.

Owning pets can enrich a senior’s life in many ways. The above are just a few of the benefits of pets for seniors. Pets are a ray of light into anyone's world, and that is especially true for people as they advance into their later years. If you think you might like to get a pet, or need assistance caring for your pet, a caregiver can help. Caregivers can support both you and your pet as you age in place at home, together. For more information on caregivers in the East Tucson area, contact us at Senior Helpers Tucson. We would love to assist you.