Why Diabetic Seniors Struggle to Stay Hydrated (And What to Do About It)
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Why Diabetic Seniors Struggle to Stay Hydrated (And What to Do About It)

Staying hydrated is especially important for seniors who have diabetes. Because of their condition, however, many diabetic seniors find it difficult to monitor and maintain proper hydration levels on a daily basis. Understanding how diabetes affects hydration and learning tips to increase water intake can both prove beneficial in these circumstances. 

How Does Diabetes Affect Hydration?

Diabetes can often leave an individual dehydrated due to frequent urination. The body overproduces urine due to excess sugar. Unfortunately, this means the person is losing more water than is being supplemented or replaced. In addition to exacerbating dehydration, diabetes-induced dry mouth and sticky saliva can lead to uncomfortable throat irritation or coughing spells. This further reduces a senior's desire to drink regularly. 

Keep Water Around You

The best way to maintain proper hydration is to make sure you're drinking enough water in the first place. It can be hard for seniors with diabetes to remember to drink water throughout the day, so it can help if they keep a bottle of plain or flavored water in every room at their home. Additionally, having a large jug of cold water available at all times in the fridge makes it easy to get a drink when needed. 

Infuse Your Water

To make the water taste better and more appealing, many seniors find it helpful to infuse their daily glass of water with fresh fruit and herbs. Kiwi, cucumber, strawberries, citrus fruits like oranges or limes, as well as basil or mint, are all great options for this purpose. Individuals can fill a pitcher with water and add their chosen ingredients before placing it into the refrigerator and giving it a few hours to flavorize. 

Use a Water Tracker

For people with diabetes, using a water tracker may be especially beneficial for staying on top of their hydration goals. Water trackers allow seniors to monitor how much water they're drinking throughout the day and make sure it's enough for their specific needs. It can also provide helpful reminders when it's time to grab another glass of liquids from the fridge or refill the infuser. 

Get More Exercise

In addition to staying hydrated, seniors with diabetes can help manage their condition by engaging in regular physical activity. Exercise helps reduce sugar levels and the need for insulin shots while improving overall health and well-being. Plus, a sweaty workout will require water to replenish what was lost and beat the usual thirst that comes from a strenuous workout. 

More Help for Diabetic Seniors

Taking up regular exercise and staying well-hydrated can be difficult for seniors with diabetes, but there are resources available to help make it easier. At Senior Helpers Glendale, we provide experienced in-home caregivers who are dedicated to helping seniors throughout Luke Air Force Base, Avondale, Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Litchfield Park, Waddel, Tolleson, and Goodyear. We can assist you with medically managing your disease while happily providing companionship too. Contact us today for more information about our services and how they can fulfill your individual needs!