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Do you think a loved one is showing signs of having Alzheimer’s?

Quick Tips:

  • Recognize warning signs. They can include misplacing items, confusion with time or place, mood or personality changes and unwise financial decisions (odd or extravagant purchases or donations, for instance).  

  • Record the facts. Your loved one might not remember key points discussed during medical appointments.  Senior Helper Caregivers can transport your loved one to their appointments, if you can’t be there, and relay the information back to you.

  • Stay positive. Worried about your loved one, and want them to keep up their current lifestyle — including staying active and socially connected — let Senior Helper Caregivers help them maintain a meaningful and vibrant life for many years to come.

Call Senior Helpers – Chandler/Gilbert office (480) 422-4800 or contact us to see how we can assist.