Different Kinds of Laughs and in Home Elderly Care

Different Kinds of Laughs and In Home Elderly Care Provided by Senior Helpers of Ann Arbor.  Call 734-927-3111.  Senior Helpers proudly serves all areas of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Dexter, and Milan, Michigan.

There are many ways to encourage a burst of laughter out of a senior loved one.  Laughter yoga is a wonderful example of activities that can induce bouts of laughing.  Studies have proven that laughing is good for the heart and soul.  Laughter is a great way to boost the immune system, and unlike most medicines, laughter has no bad side effect.  Laughter is a one size fits all way to improve mood, lift spirits, reduce stress, calm anxiety, and encourage an overall lighter look at life. 

A comedy show, a funny movie, and getting together with comical friends and family can host periods of great laughter.  In home elderly care provided by a compassionate caregiver from Senior Helpers can help your senior loved one find ways to recall the most memorable joke or routine done by such entertainers as Bob Hope and George Burns.  Whenever possible, encourage your elderly loved one to make up jokes.

There are lots of studies showing that people who are actively enjoying and engaging in humorous activities tend to live longer and lead happier lives.  It can be very beneficial to share humor and wit with others.  Encourage your loved one to start collecting funny cartoons and jokes that will bring a smile whenever needed. 

Laughter removes the space between people and makes them feel more connected to each other.  Older people can be very different from each other, so there are varying responses to different types of humor.  The key to a good laugh is usually spontaneity.  It seems to be effective to encourage an elderly loved one to open up and let their guard down.  In many ways, it is helpful to find ways to wake the child inside them.  Encourage your elderly loved one to put on music they enjoy to dance, or watch a silly TV show they grew up loving, try to juggle, take a bubble bath, to name a few options.

As a care provider for a senior loved one, it is important to remember that what is really wanted, needed and expected most is your attention and acknowledgement that they matter.  Show up for your visit with a silly outfit or jewelry.  Help to show your elderly loved one that they have permission to find the lighter side of life.

Researchers have found that a person’s sense of humor persists well into old age and may perform an important role in coping with the stresses and complexities of aging.  There are many reasons to believe that laughter is good medicine and should be encouraged daily.

Disease cannot live in a body that’s in a healthy emotional state.  Your body is casting off millions of cells every second and it’s also creating millions of new cells at the same time.  –Bob Proctor

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