Go Green For More Than St Patrick’s Day with In Home Care for Veterans

Go Green For More Than St Patrick’s Day with In Home Care for Veterans from Senior Helpers of Adrian, Tecumseh, Blissfield, Clinton, and Onsted, Michigan.  Call 517-264-2273 today! 

What’s a better way to welcome warmer weather than by getting out and gardening?  Gardening is a great way to spend quality time with the great outdoors as well as beautifying your aging loved one’s home and yard.  Planting flower or vegetable seeds is a quick and easy way to get your aging loved ones involved and provide them with a sense of accomplishment.  Gardening can be especially beneficial for a veteran loved one.  Encouraging recovering military veterans to work in a garden can help lift them out of any depression they may be experiencing, increase their self-esteem and even get them eating better. 

One way to make gardening more enjoyable for an aging loved one is to make a comfortable setting.  Gardening isn’t always easy on your back, so make sure that you create a comfortable setting for you and your aging loved one.  If you are unable to kneel on the ground, try potted plants instead.  Some find that a raised garden bed will eliminate the need to bend over to plant and pull weeds.   Companies are creating new tools for gardening that make it easier on an elderly loved one.  Garden tools with larger handles are easier to use and if you paint the handles a bright color or use colored electrical tape to wrap them, they are also easier to see.  There are garden caddies that have storage for tools and can roll on grass, soil or sidewalk just by pushing your feet.  Being close to the ground on a caddy makes planting and weeding much less painful on your back.

Remember to encourage your aging loved ones.  Flowers and vegetables don’t grow over night, so be sure to keep the excitement alive with your newfound garden.  Keep seniors engaged by having them visit the garden daily.  The elderly do tend to have lowered ability to tolerate heat so it’s advisable to choose a time to be outside that is before or after the hottest time of the day in the summer which is between 10 am and 6 pm.  Typically the best time of day to be in the garden is in the coolness of morning.

Once the garden is in full bloom, help your aging loved ones enjoy the flowers and vegetables by sharing with their friends and family.  You can also use the vegetables to create a healthy snack for everyone to share!

Senior Helpers of Adrian proudly offers in home care for veterans and elderly for all areas of Adrian, Tecumseh, Blissfield, Clinton, and Onsted, Michigan.  If you are interested in more information, call 517-264-2273, to speak to a specialist today.

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