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Senior Helpers’ Travel Assistance and In Home Care for the Elderly

Our aging loved ones desire to remain an active part of the family and including them in vacation plans will help them to stay connected and become part of new and special memories.

Interesting Trips for Various Generations and In Home Elderly Care

Multigenerational vacations seem to be a recurring theme and growing trend among the newest generation of seniors. More and more families are planning their trips with their aging loved ones.

Senior Travel Club and In home Senior Care

Senior travel clubs geared to the growing generation of 65 and older are becoming increasingly popular every day. Because our aging loved ones tend to have more time to travel, are living longer and spend more money on traveling than other age groups, it is understandable that senior travel clubs are growing. Seniors are taking vacations to nearby states and even extended getaways like cruises and trips abroad. If your aging loved one is more excited about little adventures outside of their home, a senior travel club can also take them to on day trips to spas, local museums, attractions and theatres. Sometimes a getaway to a nearby city is enough to reinvigorate your senior loved one.

Tips for Traveling Seniors and Affordable In Home Help

Summer is a highly traveled time of year for most people. The weather is warmer and attractions are open for visitors. As you may already know, traveling with an aging loved one can be a complicated at times. It is important to keep our aging loved ones actively involved in family outings, including on vacations.

Keeping the Memories Alive with In Home Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

If you are the primary care provider for a senior loved one who is coping with a dementia related disease, you may have noticed they travel down memory lane from time to time. This is an important occasion to take dig out a notepad and pen and jot some of those stories down. Keeping memories alive will help your loved one to tell their story and to stay relevant to their family and friends.

The Gift of Memory and Dependable In Home Dementia Care

As we grow older, it becomes inevitable that we accumulate a large amount of things from our past. You may have an elderly loved one who has loads of memories piled in boxes in the attic. Treasured items such as old photographs and little trinkets can be easily forgotten in a dusty trunk hidden away behind piles of clothing or holiday decorations. If you’ve ever taken the time to look through the personal items from your past, you probably relived some cherished moments with each item you held in your hands. The same holds true for your aging loved one as they sift through their boxes of memories except that they have probably collected a larger mass of items to view.

Holidays to Remember and In home Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

It’s finally springtime. The flowers are blooming and the trees are sprouting their leaves. Soon gardens will have produce and the summer months will bring warmth and lots of sunshine. With the heat of summer also comes the fun seasonal holidays full of celebration, relaxing and cooking out.

Mom’s Favorite Recipes and Dementia and Alzheimer’s In Home Care

Nothing quite compares to the smell of a home cooked meal that Mom used to make. The rich aroma of a baked lasagna or sweet apple pie can bring back memories of being a child eager to dig in. With Mother’s Day approaching, there is no better time to get in the kitchen with Mom and learn some of her favorite recipes.

Helping Loved Ones Remember with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

If you are the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one who may have difficulties with memory loss, you may be searching for ways to help them to remember. Some ways to help loved ones remember is to create a memory scrapbook with them. Help them to gather up pictures of their family and friends and the good times they’ve shared. Depending on how severe the memory loss is, helping to create a scrapbook may help a loved one to remember their past. Encourage your loved one to talk about these photographs and newspaper clippings, but if signs of frustration pop up, try not to push them to talk or you risk causing distress. In most cases, even if your loved one is struggling to remember someone’s name, chances are she does recognize their face and knows you are familiar and safe people.

Laughter Yoga and Live In Senior Care

Laughter is the best medicine. We have all heard that saying before at one point or another. Laughter reduces stress, can improve overall mood, and create a more positive outlook on life. Laughing in a group can help to break down walls and allows participants to reconnect through lighthearted playfulness. Laughter can boost the immune system with an increased production of disease fighting cells and quickly induces a state of relaxation. Laughter is contagious, and unlike most medicines, offers no bad side effects.

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