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Disease Management

Senior Helpers of Yorba Linda can help implement a comprehensive at-home plan for managing a variety of chronic diseases and conditions. Our Director of Nursing, a Registered Nurse (RN), works with your family and our service team to design a customized care plan for your loved one. Depending on his or her needs, we can provide assistance with daily living activities, exercise routines, medicine management, meal preparation, and much more.

Throughout the care regimen, the Senior Helpers case management program calls for ongoing review of the care plan to ensure the changing needs of your senior parent and family are met. Our caregivers can provide one-on-one assistance with:

Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Client supervision to prevent wandering
  • Medication and toileting reminders
  • Incontinence care to prevent skin irritations and infection
  • Meal preparation to maintain nutrition and prevent accidents
  • Transportation to errands and medical appointments
  • Respite for family members
  • Assistance with engaging or calming activities


  • Compliance with exercise activities
  • Assistance with painful tasks (driving, bathing, dressing, writing, etc.)
  • Meal preparation and diet modification to prevent weight gain
  • Applying ice packs or heating pads to relieve localized pain
  • Frequent repositioning to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Proper transferring techniques to prevent further damage


  • Management of daily activities at onset of fatigue to conserve energy
  • Meal preparation to increase energy levels through proper nutrition
  • Assistance with exercise regimen to reduce depression and anxiety while increasing energy
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises to reduce stress levels
  • Verbal communication and emotional support
  • Transportation to and from treatments


  • Preparation of diabetic-friendly meals
  • Monitoring condition of skin and lower extremities to prevent skin breakdown, ulcers, and related injuries
  • Ensuring proper oral hygiene to prevent gum disease (common in diabetics)

Heart Disease

  • Meal preparation, transportation,and activities of daily living (ambulation, bathing, continence, dressing, eating, transferring, and toileting)
  • Ensuring compliance with dietary requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with prescribed exercise activities

Multiple Sclerosis

  • Mobility assistance and management of daily activities (transferring, shower and toilet assistance, meal preparation, dressing, and light housekeeping)
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Social stimulation to combat depression


  • Meal preparation, transportation and activities of daily living (ambulation, bathing, continence, dressing, eating, transferring, and toileting)
  • Gait supervision and assistance to prevent falls
  • Assistance with weight-bearing exercises to increase bone mineral density

Parkinson’s Disease

  • Gait supervision to prevent falls
  • Light housekeeping to remove potentially dangerous obstacles
  • Assistance with feeding during tremor episodes
  • Specialized meal preparation when swallowing is difficult
  • Offering fluids for thirst relief due to Parkinson’s medications
  • Assistance with bathing, transferring into tub or shower
  • Social stimulation to combat depression


  • Meal preparation, transportation, and activities of daily living (ambulation, bathing, continence, dressing, eating, transferring, and toileting)
  • Assistance with post-stroke treatment plan

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