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Welcome to the Yorba Linda Senior Helpers Blog!

Here you will find helpful tips, loving advice, and useful information to make caring for an aging loved one a bit easier.


Generation Gap Grandparents and Children and Senior Home Care

Technology changes and evolves so much; it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with every current offering. The younger generation has been taught early on to learn and use technology on a daily basis. It can be astonishing to watch a young child easily navigate a tablet menu and operate a smartphone. The newest technology can be overwhelming for an elderly person. The difference between a young child and an elderly person using the most current technology is an example of existing generation gaps.

Keeping Family Close and In Home Caregivers

Our families continue to grow older and as each year passes, distance can come between us. It is more important than ever to create a bond that will keep your family close even when the miles separate. One way to develop closeness in the family is to create a ritual and maintain it. Even the simple act of eating a meal together with no distractions such as a cell phone or television is enough time to make sure that the family has sufficient and consistent contact. If you have an elderly loved one in your life that lives alone, perhaps a weekly meal such as Sunday dinner can be prepared at their home. This will help them to feel connected to the family and will set them up for a refreshed and positive mood for the new week ahead.

Remembering Family Members and Affordable In Home Care

With the summer season behind us, our day-to-day life resumes and routine schedules are honored. If you have school-aged children, it’s time for helping with homework assignments and dinner meal preparation each weeknight. Life can get pretty chaotic during the school year. This is the time of year that may make visiting an elderly loved one on a regular basis nearly impossible.

Celebrating Grandparents and Reliable In Home Care

It really is amazing how much life a person can live. When a child turns ten years old, they feel so mature already and they’ve accomplished so much by reaching the double-digit-age. When a young adult turns eighteen, then twenty-one, they feel so free and independent; finally an adult. So much has been experienced up to this age. When we are in our thirties and forties, raising children or pursuing a career, we experience and learn so much. It’s no wonder that when we become grandparents that we have so many stories to tell. Each person in our family has a different perspective on life and it can be very interesting to view life through their eyes. Grandparents, especially, have a very wide range of experiences and so much that can be shared.

Activities to Improve Health and Senior Care at Home

No matter our age it is so important to make sure that we take proper steps to maintain and improve health whenever possible. There’s no need to wait until the New Year to make a resolution to live cleaner and to take the necessary steps to a healthier lifestyle.