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Planning a Trip to See the Grandparents? Tips on Preparing a Productive Family Visit

We have finally reached that time of the year when families are beginning to plan family reunions and long-awaited trips. If you didn’t take a family trip during the winter months, don’t worry; spring has just arrived and the hot summer months are just around the corner.

6 Yearly Resolutions: Steps to Improve Senior Wellness and Safety in the New Year

Creating a list of yearly resolutions may be a simple task for some; however, achieving all those goals may be a much harder task to accomplish for adults 50 and older. According to an online report in Statistical Brain, published Jan. 1, 2017, adults 50 and older are less likely to achieve their yearly resolutions than younger adults in their twenties.

Ready for the Flu Season? Steps to Help Prepare Seniors and Family Caregivers for the Flu Season

If you are 65 and older, your chances of having serious flu-related complications are higher than in younger adult populations. As we age, our immune system weakens.

Steps to Help Reduce Family Caregiver Stress

Being a full-time family caregiver is not an easy task, especially when providing care for someone with dementia. It's not unusual for family caregivers to be impacted by work overload and constant stress when trying to provide 24/7 care for an older spouse or parent diagnosed with a neurodegenerative illness such Alzheimer’s disease.

Senior Home Health Care Agency: Benefits of Including Music in Daily Activities

If you want to help improve the quality of life of older adults, think about including music in a senior’s daily list of activities.

Want to Encourage Seniors to Stay Active? Combine Fun Activities and Take a Journal and Camera Along

If you want to encourage older adults to stay active, try combining some fun activities into one daily outing.

Home Health Care: Taking Charge of Health Before and After Retirement

Inactivity impacts our overall health. But what happens after retirement? Buying a new fancy recliner is only going to provide short time relaxation for our senior loved ones.

Preparing for Hurricane Season Should be at Top of To-Do List for Seniors and Family Caregivers

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, family caregivers can help vulnerable seniors develop an emergency plan, form a support network, and update emergency kits. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Those who are not prepared, have a month to make some necessary preparations before the first Atlantic storms appear.

Orlando Senior Home Health Care: Dementia Research News and Headlines for February 2015

This cold February weather has encouraged us to stay indoors more and focus on some interesting dementia research studies along with films about early-onset Alzheimer’s. The current movie ‘Still Alice’ has piqued our interest in learning more about this rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s. I recently saw an HBO Alzheimer’s Project video about the DeMoe family. Five of the six brothers and sisters carry one of the genetic mutations that cause the inherited, early-onset Alzheimer's disease. In the video, I observed the emotional toll it has taken on the one sibling who did not inherit the gene. The video is available on the Alzheimer’s Association website. According to the website, the DeMoe family partnered with “…the University of Pittsburgh doctors to understand the course of early-onset Alzheimer's.”

Senior Home Health Care: Research Shows Seniors Benefit From Physical Activity

Research shows time and time again that the benefits of physical activity are long-lasting and impactful. The disadvantages, of, not exercising, have become more evident in recently published studies. In fact, in a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the lack of exercise is strongly associated with a higher occurrence of hospitalizations, development of diseases and death. The association between the lack of physical activity and adverse health outcomes is even higher in individuals who exercise the least, according to a ScienceDaily article about the recent study. According to this article, scientists were able to analyze the outcomes of 14 cardiovascular and diabetes disease studies, along with 14 cancer studies and various all-cause mortality studies. The senior author of the study is Dr. David Alter, Associate Professor of Medicine, at the University of Toronto. Aviroop Biswas, a Ph.D. candidate, was the lead author and is a researcher at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network.

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