The Caregiver's Voice: Want to Remeber? Break Your Routine

(April 2017) - It happens to the best of us – you drive home from work and don’t even remember making the trip. You leave home and forget if you locked the door.  It’s human nature to go on autopilot. You fall into a daily routine and follow the same steps when performing everyday activities, such as driving to work or making breakfast. 

The Dr. Oz Show: Learn More About the Senior Helpers Organization

(March 2017) - TV personality Leeza Gibbons is the national spokesperson for Senior Helpers. Senior Helpers is an organization that provides care for senior citizens around the United States. In the infographic below, Senior Helpers emphasizes how important love and companionship are to elderly people and the benefits of married life on overall health.

A Conversation With Leeza Gibbons

(February 2017) - Leeza Gibbons, (Entertainment Tonight, The Celebrity Apprentice Winner-2015, NY Times best-selling author, Speaker …and caregiver) called my show for family caregivers to share her insights learned as a caregiver —and to encourage fellow caregivers.

Emmy Award winner Leeza Gibbons’ Latest Project Focuses on Helping Seniors

(February 2017) - Emmy Award winner Leeza Gibbons has done it all in her career, from radio to TV, to being a New York Times bestselling author, winning NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and also being a mother. Her latest non-profit partnership with ‘Senior Helpers’ is a foundation that helps elderly people receive the proper care they need.

11 Daily Habits That Can Increase Your Risk Of Dementia Down The Line

(February 2017) - As you age, you might start to experience cognitive decline. Unfortunately, the process is pretty inevitable. However, there's no need to speed things up when you don't have to. There are certain daily habits that increase risk of dementia that you can easily break out of and replace with healthier habits that will keep your noggin' strong and well. By acting at a young age, you'll set yourself up for greater longevity and brain function.

A Conversation with Leeza Gibbons: Partnership with Senior Helpers, Dodging Drama, and Remembering to Breathe

(February 2017) - I (Leeza Gibbons) developed a passion for educating families about issues with aging parents when my mother got Alzheimer’s disease. She died in 2008, and my grandmother also had Alzheimer’s disease. I think when we are little girls growing up, we think our parents are going to live forever, and my mother was just my absolute best friend. My Granny and my mom were really the hallmarks for the kind of woman that I wanted to be, and that I hope I become and am becoming. I’m from South Carolina and my parents have been just the greatest inspirations in my life. I think that, for those of us who can say that, that’s such a blessing, so when you get to a place where your parents become older, it’s such a gift to think that you can then give back to them some of what they gave to you.

Senior Helpers CEO ‘Bullish’ on Opportunities in 2017

(January 2017) - With a new private equity partner on board, Senior Helpers is looking forward to a growth year in 2017. New programs and entry into new markets should give Timonium, Maryland-based Senior Helpers, one of the nation’s largest home care franchise companies, an even larger footprint and more sway across the health care continuum, co-founder and CEO Peter Ross told Home Health Care News.

TIP SHEET Assistive Devices & Home Health

(January 2017) - There are many techniques and assistive devices that can make activities of daily living easier and help you maintain indpedence for longer. Parkinson's progresses differently in every person, so eventually there might come a time when you could benefit from getting outside help in the home.

Senior Helpers Caregiver Wins Service Award

(January 2017) - It was after her mother suffered a stroke that Laura Harpster realized she had the skills and innate desire to care for others. Patience, empathy and helping patients adjust to their new lifestyle came easily to her. After her father‘s health declined, Harpster became his primary caregiver, finding it most rewarding when she saw how her efforts helped him be more independent, self-sufficient and happier overall. In 2010, when the manufacturing recession hit, and Harpster lost her job, she knew it was time to put her newfound passion to good use and became a full-time caregiver at Senior Helpers, an organization providing dependable care to improve the quality of life of elderly clients and their families

How to Select a Home Care Aide for an Aging Loved One

(January 2017) - A few months ago my real estate agent, Collette Fultz, called me because her parents needed someone to help them out at home. Her mother was recovering from a serious illness and her father, who had significant mobility problems, couldn’t take care of her. Collette asked me for advice about how to find a home care aide. I wished I had an article about it to send her. But I didn’t, so I decided to research and write this one.

America's Oldest Veteran, Richard Overton, Selects Senior Helpers for In-Home Care

(January 2017) - Senior Helpers, the nation's premier provider of in-home senior care, today announced that America's oldest veteran, Mr. Richard Overton, has selected the company to provide in-home care. Overton, a 110-year-old World War II veteran, resides in Austin, Texas, and is currently in need of full-time care. In an effort to help pay for the expense, his cousin, Volma Overton, has set up a GoFundMe page, where supporters can donate to the cause.