Celebrating National Donor Day

As we share our hearts with loved ones this Valentine’s Day, we also can show our heart for others as part of National Donor Day, which takes place on February 14th as well.

Healthy Heart Valentine’s Day Treats

Chances are you may receive some sweets from a sweetheart or another loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Good Vs. Bad Cholesterol

You’ve seen the commercials of foods, exercises, and other daily regimens that are proven to lower your cholesterol.

The Basics of Heart Health

Did you know that February is American Heart Month? To celebrate, the Senior Helpers family would like to share some tips on basic heart health for you and your aging loved ones.

Brain Games!

Memory games are a terrific learning tool for children, but did you know they can also help improve your aging loved one’s mind?

Easy Exercises for Seniors and Caregivers

Exercise is a great way to get seniors moving as well as improve their physical and mental health.

Work Out For Your Brain!

Did you know that your mind needs exercise just as much as your body?

Healthy Habits

Habits can be hard to break, but there are some habits that are hard to keep.

Breaking Bad Habits

You know what they say, “old habits die hard”, but if we are being honest with each other – there are certainly habits that we all need to kill.

Finding a New Hobby for Your Senior

Hobbies are great! They keep you busy, they help you meet new people, and they give you something to look forward to.

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