Classes for Caregivers

This whole month we have talked about the importance of learning new things, trying different activities, and mixing up your regular routines. Now we want to talk about the fun stuff! What class can you take to learn something new?

Free Classes for Seniors

Many of us remember our school days fondly- whether for time in the classroom, or football games and band concerts- these events brought us together with our fellow students. Instead of easing into a life of lunchtime strolls, knitting, fishing and napping, more seniors are taking advantage of the time they have during their golden years to take free classes for and earn degrees in subjects that they love or have interest in. This active lifestyle can help to maintain mental health, acuity, and even financial stability.

Back to School Fun for Seniors

Remember when August meant it was time to get ready for school again? You bought new school supplies and packed up your backpack for a fresh new year.

Finding a New Routine

Have you ever noticed that people tend to fall into routine? It’s human nature to follow the same steps when performing everyday activities, such as driving to work or making breakfast.

Book Lovers Day: Best Books for Seniors

A day for those who love to read, Book Lovers Day is on August 9 and encourages you to kick and relax with a great book.

Celebrating Knowledge

This August, we are going to celebrate knowledge by encouraging you and your aging loved one to continue to learn new things every day!

Planning a Picnic

If you or your aging loved one are looking for an outdoor activity that doesn’t require a lot of physical work, then a picnic is the right activity for you!

Cool Treats for Summer Days

Ice cream is an easy go-to treat for these hot summer days…but we have some suggestions for treats that will both cool you down and pack a healthy punch!

Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Between concerts, cook outs, and pool parties, there always seems to be something to do in the summer time. However, finding something to keep your aging loved one entertained AND cool can be a different story. But don’t worry! There is plenty of cool summer fun to be had by all while still enjoying the great outdoors!

Traveling Tips for Seniors

Travel can be a very rewarding experience, whether the goal is to see the world or to visit long-distance friends and family. However, when we travel with our senior loved ones, we may be faced with challenges we don’t expect—issues that simply aren’t there when traveling on our own.

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