More than ever these days, claiming to be “the best” is not enough. Testimonials offer an independent indication that we have done a good job, lived up to expectations and help to reassure that Senior Helpers of the Greater Seacoast can be counted on to deliver the best in-home care on the Seacoast and provide peace-of-mind to loved ones and families.

“When my husband was being discharged from Portsmouth Regional Hospital, we wanted to bring him home. We knew that we could not take care of him on our own. We called Senior Helpers and they have provided the additional support that we need. They are here twice a day, 7 days a week, and are now part of the family.” ~Dottie, Rye (former RN)

“My husband is a Vietnam Veteran who needed a “buddy.” We found that “buddy” in Chip from Senior Helpers of the Greater Seacoast. He is caring and compassionate. My husband looks forward to their time together." ~Dee, Rochester

“I have worked for a number of facilities on the Seacoast providing care to residents as a Licensed Nurses Assistant (LNA). I have never received the guidance, support, and training that I have at Senior Helpers of the Greater Seacoast. Proud to be part of the team!" ~Jonal, Seabrook

“I just wanted to thank you for the orientation today. It was so informative. I have been an LNA for a while now and I wish that I had this training on dementia and Alzheimer’s when I first started. I am so excited to be working for Senior Helpers, it's going to be amazing!!” ~ Kelly, Stratham