Senior Helpers is dependable and very compassionate. Senior Helpers has relieved a lot of stress. --Francis, Erie PA

I would recommend Senior Helpers for Home Care. The caregiver does a great job resolving problems, and she is able to get along with the family. She is also really good about answering questions. --Phil, Erie PA

I would tell a friend that Senior Helpers is very professional, compassionate and nice. Senior Helpers has made my life easier by the caregivers doing what they are supposed to do and even going beyond sometimes. --Annette, Erie PA

I selected Senior Helpers because of the price of their services and because their caregivers are very good. I have already recommended a couple of my friends at the beauty parlor to Senior Helpers. --Dorothy, Erie PA

I like that Senior Helpers does things that I'm not able to do. The caregiver helps me by taking me places I need to go and picking up around the house. Senior Helpers calls me at least once a month to see how things are going. Senior Helpers has exceeded my expectations. --Susan, Erie PA

The caregiver is always prompt, honest and has a religious aspect to her. She shows her compassion and care for my mother by being positive all the time. Senior Helpers has impressed me with their professionalism and their knowledge about insurance companies and payments. I would tell an interested friend that I really have no negative remarks about Senior Helpers and that they know their stuff.--Mary Jane, Tidioute PA

The caregivers help with dinner and help with chores. The caregivers do very well with providing companionship. My life is easier now because I don't worry about my mom anymore. I like knowing that my mom isn't alone.--Judy, Sugar Grove PA

The caregiver helps with dressing, feeding, grooming, making sure the house is safe etc. Senior Helpers will check in monthly to make sure everything is OK. Senior Helpers has impressed me with their level of commitment. If I need extra help they will make it happen.--Kristie, Titusville PA

The caregiver shows their compassion with the cautious way in which she gets my mother in and out of the car. Whenever I have called to change or reschedule an appointment, the office staff has been very helpful. I would definitely recommend Senior Helpers. I would tell others that Senior Helpers has worked well for my family. They are trustworthy and I have had no problems with them in four years of service.--Linda, Erie PA

I appreciate the great communication I have with Senior Helpers. Senior Helpers has made my life easier because we know somebody will take care of my uncle. They allow him to live at home and be independent. We are glad that he is not in a nursing home and that he can stay at home. We like that the caregivers take him to the store and drive him other places.--Tom, Erie PA

The Caregivers just seem to know how to approach my dad, who has dementia, and they try to engage him in conversation and play checkers with him. Senior Helpers is accommodating, friendly and prompt at getting back to me. I cannot say enough about them.--Cheryl M

We have had good feedback about our Senior Helpers caregiver and your company. In fact, I just asked my dad last week if he was still happy and he said yes, they do a very good job. It is terrific to know that we can depend on you and he is satisfied.--Mindy, Fairview, PA

The caregivers from Senior Helpers are wonderful. They offered attentive, cheerful and compassionate care for my Mom. Senior Helpers offered dependable, flexible and responsive service to our changing needs and schedules. They take the extra time getting to know the clients and the companions to make sure things go smoothly. My wife and I really appreciate the trustworthy assistance the fine people from Seniors Helpers provided.--John, Erie, PA

I am very grateful for the fine services you provide me. My caregiver is thoroughly professional. She is conscientious, compassionate, punctual and has a great sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy our time together.--Trudy, Erie, PA

Recently, my husband (diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease) reached the point of needing more than in-home care and was placed in a nursing facility. While still able to live at home and needing a caregiver to stay with him when I ran errands and had appointments, Senior Helpers was there for me. Even on short notice, most often, they were able to rearrange schedules to send the same caregiver so as not to confuse my husband. He became used to her coming and the special attention and care he received. Our caregiver lived nearby and we were very pleased with our experience with Senior Helpers.--Carolyn, Crawford County

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I got to meet the worker tonight, she was lovely, warm and oh so kind! One of the nursing staff stopped in to tell me how attentive she was to Aunt Sarah, they were very impressed! I am very thankful and most grateful!!--Kathy – Meadville, PA.

My caregiver Denise is AWESOME! She came at the right time in my life. She got me out of a deep depression. We are two peas in a pod, like sisters! I could not have asked for anyone better.--Violet – Tionesta, PA.

The caregiver is here on time. The caregiver does the job and she is on the ball. The office staff calls once a month to see how I am doing. I am getting more than I expected from Senior Helpers. I would tell someone that Senior Helpers is very good.--Errol - Pleasantville, PA

The caregiver knows how to handle dementia patients and keeps my husband in a happy mood. The office staff finds us caregivers when my normal one can’t come. Senior Helpers checks in at least monthly. Senior Helpers has impressed me by being very kind and concerned.--Dolores – Erie, PA

It’s hard to narrow down just one thing that I appreciate most about the services I receive. The cheerfulness and confidence of the caregiver has impressed me. The caregiver makes my daughter feel less conscious about losing the ability to do daily tasks. I have the utmost confidence in the care that Senior Helpers provides. The communication from Senior Helpers is good because they don’t breath down my back, but they check in every once in a while. Senior Helpers listens and that is important to me. They don’t have a set way into their minds about how to provide the care because it is always about us and our needs.--Janet – Erie, PA