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Our Staff

Linda Henderson

Linda Henderson, R.N.
Services Supervisor/Training Director

Esther Bodman

Esther Bodman
Client Services Manager

Kate Clark

Kate Clark, R.N.
Services Supervisor

Rona Swakopf

Rona Swakopf

Rita Pautz

Rita Pautz
Scheduling Supervisor

Rebecca Ritchie

Rebecca Ritchie
Caregiver Manager

Debby Arnold

Debby Arnold
Office/Administrative Assistant

Terry Dixon

Terry Dixon, M.H.A.

Terry is the owner of Senior Helpers of Charlotte, having started the agency in 2008. His experience with home care began after his Mother’s health and mental status continued to deteriorate upon admission to a nursing home in 2002, following an extended hospital stay. After several weeks of seeing no improvement in his Mom’s condition, he and his sister moved her into his sister’s home. There she spent the last year of her life in comfort and security with the love of her family and the expert help of outside care-givers. Helping other families achieve a similar positive outcome, while keeping their loved ones at home, motivates Terry everyday as he aspires for Senior Helpers to provide consistent, competent care, comfort, and companionship to senior citizens throughout the Charlotte metro region.
Terry also has the experience of a 28 year career in Health/Hospital Administration with an MHA earned from Duke University in 1980. He and his wife live in western Union County and enjoy contributing to the music ministry at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews.

The Three C's of Caregiving.

At Senior Helpers of Charlotte, we tell people all the time that “we have the best Caregivers in Charlotte!”. So…how can we know that? Because we look for the 3 C’s in every Caregiver before we invite them to join Senior Helpers. What are the 3 C’s? They’re found in the following questions which we use in assessing each Caregiver candidate we interview:

  1. Are you CALLED to this ministry of Caring for others….especially seniors? This requires self-sacrifice! As a Caregiver, we often have to push ourselves to our limits. Sometimes our clients are lovely, fun people ….. sometimes they are . . . well, not so lovely or fun. But if we are CALLED, we find a way to overcome the negatives and make each visit positive and encouraging for our Clients. So, CALLING is an extremely important characteristic of a great Caregiver!
  2. Are you COMPETENT to provide the help and assistance your Client needs? If you are, then you will also be Confident as you serve. This helps a Client to become Comfortable having you as their Caregiver. . . and that means you have had a positive impact on their life with every visit!
  3. Can we COUNT on you? In other words, are you Dependable? Our Clients are COUNTing on their Senior Helper to arrive on time, serve with a smile, and give their best efforts as they assist that Client! So being there when scheduled, sticking to the Care Plan, and staying engaged with our client is COLOSSAL. These actions are the proof that others can COUNT on you!

Yes, at Senior Helpers we look for the 3 C’s as we make a hiring decision. But we also want to help each of our Caregivers grow in each aspect of the 3 C’s ….on every visit, with every Client. To help our Caregivers continually improve their professional skills, we offer ongoing training in our Senior GEMS program (for care of clients with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of Dementia). Plus, we now provide a robust, online Learning Management System (IPCed) which contains over 300 training modules for our staff. Our clients deserve the best; and our Agency’s reputation is built on our Caregivers being the best at providing excellent care. We’re taking these (and several other) steps so we can honestly say: “we have the best Caregivers in Charlotte!!