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The Urgency Under The Hood

Because We Owe It To Seniors to Steer Them Wisely

"Going Home Safe" The New Art & Science to Recovery at Home

Rethinking The Critical 30 Days Post Discharge

When Navigating the Most Important Journey of All

Why the Combination of Personal Support and Hospice Matters

Safely Stepping Into Spring

I saw the first flower peek through the ground in my yard this weekend so I guess it is safe to say Spring is here. As the weather warms and the sun is brighter it is a great time to enjoy the outside. Last month I wrote about being healthy, dressing for success and organizing after the winter. I had a conversation with one of my fellow owners in Senior Helpers last week and we both had noticed an increase in slips and falls as our clients sought to take advantage of the outside in Spring of last year.

Medication Reminders with Senior Helpers

Medication setup is a topic we often discuss with our clients. I came across an excellent article on medication management this weekend I wanted to share. This is a topic of great importance for several reasons.

Benefits of the Great Outdoors

I hope you had a nice weekend whether you celebrated Passover, Easter or just had time to spend with your friends or family.

Winter Safety

Winter can be a wonderful time and although you may be dreaming of a white winter, snow and ice can present serious hazards for everyone. Snow and ice make for treacherous conditions to walk through. Sidewalks become slippery. Shoveling driveways leave us exposed to the cold and can be hard on our bodies. Driveways left unshoveled can be difficult to navigate. It is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent slips and falls. Pay close attention for black ice. Black ice forms when the temperature shifts, causing pooling water to freeze and refreeze.

Colder Weather!

Colder weather is much closer than “just around the corner!” I awoke this weekend at my normal 5:00 AM (with the encouragement of my faithful canine companion!) to take a walk. I was greeted with frost on the glass of the door to my home and slick icy spots on my driveway hidden among the leaves and twigs that had fallen overnight.

"Prepare to Care"

Have you ever found yourself in a frenzy trying to locate a critical document or piece of information? The frustration, angst and “discombobulation” only increases when it is an emergency. For many of us, this often happens when trying to deal with a medical or care need of a spouse, a sibling, or a parent.

Reducing the Risk of Readmission

I was at a meeting of senior care professionals last week and the term Frequent Flyer was used by an individual. They were referring to the too often issue of our senior loved ones being on a cycle of admission – readmission to the hospital or rehabilitation. I am not a fan of the term, but the topic is one that should be discussed.

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