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Welcome to the Senior Helpers Blog!

Here you will find helpful tips, loving advice, and useful information to make caring for an aging loved one a bit easier.

Happy Earth Day!

The Senior Helpers family would like to wish you a very happy Earth Day! This year is actually the 45th anniversary of the holiday! Earth Day is an event that began in 1970 with the goals of educating the public about environmental pollution and generating political support for environmental protection.

Celebrating Garden Week

Right along with Earth Day and Keep America Beautiful Month comes “Lawn and Garden Month”! You may think it is odd to celebrate a garden, but gardening is more than just planting flowers! Besides looking nice and providing healthier foods, maintaining a garden can also improve your health. Working in the garden on a daily basis has been proven to relieve stress, improve mental health, boost exercise, and improve nutrition.

Tips to Go Green

Earth Day is next week, so we thought it would be the perfect time to get a jump start on helping you and your aging loved ones “go green!”

Laughter Yoga

Have you ever heard of Laughter Yoga? Sounds a little silly, right? Laughter Yoga is actually an exercise routine that is sweeping the world as one of the best complete well-being workouts for people of all ages. Laughter Yoga combines yoga breathing with laughter to fully calm and distress the body.

Keep America Beautiful Month!

We know that April is National Humor Month, but did you know that it is also National Keep America Beautiful Month? It makes sense as April celebrates Earth Day, spring, flowers, and other natural beauties! Keep America Beautiful is a national nonprofit that brings communities together to build and sustain beautiful places such as gardens, parks, and more! In April, this organization celebrates Keep America Beautiful Month where they encourage everyone to make small steps towards a cleaner world!

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