The owners of Senior Helpers Anne Arundel/PG are Kim Sandosky and Bob Harwick.  Kim comes to Senior Helpers after working many years as a registered nurse handling all aspects of adult medical care.  Bob is a recovering attorney.  The refrain that Kim always heard from her patients, no matter how luxurious the facility they were in, was that they wanted to go home.  Bob was caregiver for his disabled father for several years, and they struggled on their own to keep him in his home of over 50 years and out of hospital or facility.



       Kim and Bob met fortuitously and they are now the proud parents of Reginald (pictured below).  The fact that they both spent substantial parts of their lives living with and caring for the elderly has been a strong part of their bond.  They realize that the ability to spend your later years in your own home is a wonderful gift.  When they learned about Senior Helpers and the services it offers to both the elderly and the family of the elderly person, they decided to pool their life experiences and put them to use in a business which exists for the purpose of providing that gift.  They would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you.